Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Facing Like A Boss

Sometimes I'm pretty lazy when it comes to sewing. There's always a point where I get tired and I'm think to myself, "What steps can I skips so I can be done already?" Usually, the easiest neglect is to skip the facing, roll the hem, and top stitch right along so I can just finish. Sometimes that turns out fine, but often times it doesn't and then I have a sub-par product.

I wanted to do that for this dress. I may have even started, but I knew I wouldn't be happy with it so I ripped it out and went back to figure out the facing.

Originally I cut out the facing for this dress (albeit, somehow, incorrectly) and stitched it on there in the first step, but it just wouldn't work because of the fraying. So I unpicked my sad pieces of fraying facing and traced out new ones. Ones that, hopefully would actually fit the bodice pieces.

Once you have your facing, stitch it on there. I'm all about the french seams on this dress, so first wrong sides together, then right sides together. And you end up with something that looks kind of nice, if only the facing would stay down.

But no matter how many times you iron it into place, the facing is not going to stay down.

Pull it up and you should have the facing on top, the seam, and the bodice piece below that.

Push the seam to the top so that it's on top of the facing. Sew the facing to the seam. This should not affect your actual fabric piece in any way.

Once you've stitched around, iron it down.

Flip it over, and you should have a beautiful neckline with no sneaky facing trying to escape!

This looks a million times better than folding the hem and top stitching (and letting it fray all over the place). Why do I resist this step every time?!


  1. Looks good! I can't wait to see the finished dress. :)

  2. Looks great! I'm a step skipper too. I totally understand. Good job!