Thursday, March 21, 2013

And this, my lovelies, is why you should make a muslin...

I've finally found time to sew, and as a result, I've found some problems. A blessing in disguise, I suppose. I'm using a vintage Vogue 9810 for the top part of my dress, and I just knew it would cause problems. Well, I didn't know but I assumed because the drawings on the front aren't very flattering. They sort of look like aliens.

Anyway, I was going for view C which had a high neck and a high back. Instead of a zip, they suggest hook and eyes down the back, which is not practical in anyone's life. I was going to put a zip in the side just because I like side zips better, but therein caused all the problems: the neckline was so high, I couldn't get it over my head.

Way too high of a neckline!
I suppose I should back up and say that I had other problems as well. As I was putting in the interfacing, I found that it wasn't the right length. For once I cut it exactly so I'm not sure where the problem came in, but I didn't think anything about it. I just added another strip and sewed it up... which didn't work simply because the lining I'm using likes to fray. So the neckline had little bits of frayed thread where I added the strip. Not one to be deterred, I added some fray check glue and thought that would be that.

(I also tried adding text because I couldn't find an arrow to stick on there to point out my mistakes. Not sure I like the text though...)

Gaping hole in the middle!

Additional strap I laid on top.

...that causes fraying on the neckline.
But then after trying to fix the fraying, I realized the neckline was so high I couldn't fit it over my head. While trying to figure out how to adjust it, I realized that view A had a nice dip in the back (which they don't like to picture for some reason), and wouldn't that scoop look lovely on the front? Maybe?

Potentially the front?
Actually the new front. Maybe.
So I laid my new pattern pieces over my old pattern pieces and adjust the neck and shoulders and hacked into my old pattern pieces, which I actually find rather funny because cutting lace was so daunting before, but now I'm all, "WHERE ARE THE SCISSORS?"

So I adjusted it and now I can't decide which should be the front and which the back. Perhaps it will be reversible when I finally finish?

To make matters worse, I attempted to skip the interfacing step and just fold over the neck line half an inch. Big mistake. To be honest, it didn't look awful. Or rather, it could have been a look, a styling decision for the bold, whatever. Not really my style so I then unpicked the entire collar. Again.

So exhausted.
On the plus side, now I know not to skip steps or be lazy and I have a wearable garment since I can now get it over my head. I was also worried about putting in an invisible zipper because I was worried about having to unpick the zip through the lace (you know, in case I make a mistake), but I learned today that it's really not a big deal at all. I was hoping to make more progress on the dress today, but I feel like I'm exactly where I started. I'm packing it up for the day and will try again tomorrow!


  1. Ha! They really do look like aliens. :) Anyways, I hope that the rest of the project runs a little smoother, and the final product will be spectacular!

  2. Yeah, I've learned the hard way too. And the drawings on that pattern cover is a bit alien-like....I love the picture of the cat is curious about the sewing machine and the one where the other one is sleeping on your things. Mine loves to sit beside the iron - which I leave on - while I'm sewing and it scares me to no end! I bought an iron guard to protect him somewhat from being burned. My does seem quite adept at moving around the iron though....

    1. Yes, they scare me a little bit! One time he tried to "grab" the needle as I was sewing which terrified me. I couldn't imagine them always playing around the iron. That's almost worse!

  3. Lol. They are creepy and weirdly hunched over...