Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hopefully my last PD update!

I don't want to jinx myself, but I just might have this dress finished by the weekend.
I know I said that already, but then... there were problems. I mentioned briefly that the shoulders were too long, the bodice needed to come in, the arms were too tight, and I don't think I mentioned this, but something had to be done with the waist as well.

I spent a whole evening unpicking all my beautiful facing and french seams because so much of it needed to be tweaked. I spent the next few evenings with my boyfriend who has been feeling terribly neglected.

Last night he unexpectedly had to work late so I grabbed my scissors and started hacking away.

Wait, I think I'm getting ahead of myself.

So Monday or Tuesday, when I thought I was almost done, I slipped the dress on and realized it needed a lot more work. A casual glance down at myself made me feel like I had time traveled from Kansas in the 1980s. I was only missing my 10 children in matching adorable, but dirt stained clothing.

I put my petticoat on underneath, hoping that would make it somewhat more presentable, but all it did was make me look like I had gained 50 pounds.

I tried to document the mess I had made. Really, I did. I posed and everything, but when I checked the memory card somehow they turned out decent. "No, no, this won't work," I said, handing the camera back to my boyfriend. I tried again, but in much worse poses. AND MY BOYFRIEND REFUSED TO TAKE THE PICTURES!

I had to stop and explain that I knew they looked bad. That was the point. He frowned and said, "I'm not going to take bad pictures of you so you can feel bad about yourself. And anyway, what kind of photographer would I be taking bad pictures?"

I suppose it's sweet, but clearly he just doesn't understand. Anyway, I was going to load the decent pictures anyway and try to explain how awful they were because somehow they turned out decent, but the bf took the camera to work and I don't have the patience to wait to update until tonight.

So you get internet pictures instead.

I kind of thought I looked like an extra from Big Love, but it turns out the fundamentalist Mormons are much more fashionable that I am.

Look at those pin tucks! Those collars! The adorable buttons!

I don't have the skills for that.

These are much more similar:


Don't get me wrong. If you're going for the prairie look, these are awesome. But when you're going for something a little sleeker, a little more modern, it can be a problem. 

Remember the original? Yeah, not even close. 

Luckily it wasn't a hard fix. I grabbed my scissors and chopped and snipped and then started adding (or increasing) darts. I hacked the neckline a bit and snipped off some more bodice. Now it's looking amazing! 

I just need to add the sleeves (again) and hem it and I'll be done! Unless something else goes tragically wrong...

Ha yesterday I was looking at close up views of my red lace dress and my heart dropped for a bit when I realized her skirt was pleated and not gathered. I started panicking. Should I undo my gathers? Should I pleat??

Then I mentally slapped myself and decided I was going to only make necessary revisions to the dress so I could be finished this week because god help me if something else goes wrong.

But still thinking positively! So yes, here's my ridiculous shot of me looking oh so cool.

In the home stretch! Again!


  1. Good luck finishing up! Stay positive. Love the cool pic. :)
    Hey are you coming to the Colette event at Brooklyn General this Saturday? Hope to see you there.

    1. I'm not sure if I can make it! It's on my list, but there are 3 events that day and Brooklyn is far... I hope so!

    2. Also, wait - are you in NYC?? I didn't realize!

  2. Lol - you are so funny! Good luck with your dress. :)