Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So many patterns!

Something amazing happened: as someone without a sewing machine (temporarily) and as someone with a lot to learn about sewing, I came into a lot of patterns.

The first was pure luck. I won a contest by Jill over at Laugh, But Not Loudly for her Sew Giveaway contest. As the winner, I won two 70s patterns that I can't wait to get started on! Aren't they cute?!

The second I found after doing a bit of hunting and exploring. During Sew Giveaway, I discovered a lot of new sewing blogs that I loved. And one such blog (I'm sorry, I can't remember who it was!) had the info to someone who works at the Commercial Pattern Archive. Whenever they get duplicate patterns, they box them up and ship them out to loving homes (like me!). So for $36, including shipping, you get a box of 60 patterns: 6 from the 1940s, 12 from the 1950s, 14 from the 1960s, 14 from the 1970s, 2 from the 1980s, and 2 from Vogue couturier. My contact was Joy Emery, and she had them out to me within a week!

I spoke with her briefly, and she said that she doesn't always have enough to send out, but she usually does. Also, occasionally the patterns aren't complete, but it would never be so noticeable that something couldn't be completed. She also said that if I were to order another "goody bag" of patterns, the chance of a repeat pattern was low. I really want to order another box, but I need to make some of the patterns I have now before I can justify it!

A couple I'm not sure when I'll use, like the fabric book for children.

Or even the patterns for children themselves! I don't know anyone with kids... Maybe I could modify some of them to fit me? (What? They're cute!)

And then of course there's one that I won't be using any time soon that I may pass off to pregnant friends!
I asked my boyfriend if he wanted me to make any of these for him and he politely declined. He just can't see past the fabric on the cover yet!
And now to the patterns I can use right away! Look at these amazing coats! And the dress that also comes with  in the top left corner. I think I may want to start on the cape/jacket on the bottom left for next winter...

These blouses are absolutely adorable. I could make any of them, and I would love it.

These I lumped together as "costumes," though I'm sure with a couple slight modifications, I could wear them normally. I love the idea of making my own Halloween costume!

Lady suits, looking amazing. I don't generally wear business clothes , but it's not bad to have a well made suit.

So I know this apron looks a little dowdy, but I'm actually really digging this look. I'm thinking about making it a full length dress. You know, just something to wear around the house.

Sooo many dresses! I really love the older ones, and I want to make all of them. (This should keep me happy and out of stores for quite awhile!)

These are short little jackets, that one can never have too much of!

Nightgowns/lingerie. Once again, for some odd reason, I really like the full length flannel look., and of course all the others.

Lots of skirts! To go with my new blouses above!

I've never even thought of making my own swimsuit before. It just seemed... too complicated or something.

These have a lot of options and I couldn't just categorize it into one category. Also, the bottom left picture is freaking me out.

Various tops. I'll have to make matching tunics for me and the boyfriend. ;-)
I'm so excited about my expanded pattern collection, and I almost don't know where to begin!

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