Saturday, February 11, 2012

Scalloped Waisted Skirt Updated

So the skirt didn't get finished today. But I think that after another power sewing day next Saturday, I'll finally have something to wear out!

I took a picture of my waist band. As you can see, I failed at cutting out the scallops AND I failed at sewing them properly. So I measured out an inch and a quarter waist band and stitched a straight line down the middle of the scallops. Problem solved.

Ha, these pictures aren't the best, but you can see my progress! It hangs nicely and I think it fits pretty well. It's all right with leggings, but I certainly can't wear it out of the house without them! It's far too short. I'm going to figure out the ruffle at some point during the week... Also, check out the back seam in the right picture (if you can!). I'm so proud of my invisible zipper!

It's only the second time I've ever sewn in a zipper, and we didn't even have an invisible zipper foot! It was also difficult because the online tutorials were incredibly detailed... until they weren't. Because there was a point where they all just went, "And then just stitch up the other side." Um. I have questions. Lots. Anyway, I eventually got tired with it and figured out a way to cheat it (OR MAYBE IT WAS RIGHT?!) so I'm pleased.

Except for this one little bit:
Seriously, what is that little bit threatening to ruin my new skirt?!

I was considering ripping the seams out and re-doing it, but then I found some fabric glue, and I just knew that dropping some glue in there and holding it shut was the perfect solution to my roblem.

So next week: figuring out the ruffles. I feel like I need to do a mock-up of what I'm envisioning before I actually commit to it. We'll see. I'm so close to the end of my first sewing project- I'm so excited!

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