Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pinwheel Painting: Valentine's Day Gift #2

So I'm sure everyone's tired of talking about Valentine's Day, but I still have one more post about it! I made my beau some paintings, 3 in total, and this is the second one.

I was completely into the idea of using my vinyl letters to make quotes and whatnot on the art, so I did a lot of research on quotes, mostly by typing "Quotes" into the search by on Pinterest. I figured they would have a good amount, I could sort by what was popular, and I could avoid those terrible websites with PAGES of terrible quotes that no one would ever use.

I compiled a list, but one really stuck out at me. I hesitated to use it because it's from Alice in Wonderland, but it just seemed perfect. "You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are."

This works, in my life in general, but especially in my relationship because he's a little nuts, though not usually in a bad way, and he can't understand why a perfectly sane female could ever want to be around a crazy person.

Once I had my quote picked out, I knew instantly what painting I should use. Once again, I was inspired on Pinterest, this time by a pinwheel painting.

The tutorial looked so easy! How could it go wrong?

I'll tell you. It was the freaking tape. And the letters. The painter's tape that allowed the paint to bleed. And the letters that would move as my paintbrush moved. Sigh.

Generally though, it doesn't look that bad!

I first painted the canvas a sky blue color because white just seemed like too much of a contrast. Then I carefully placed all the letters where I wanted them. Then, after finding my "center," I carefully taped painter's tape to the canvas and painted in the colors I wanted.

As I stated before, the painter's tape didn't work exactly as I wanted, but after doing 2 sections, I learned how to avoid lots of paint bleeding. Once I picked off the vinyl letters, after everything dried, I realized that the letters had moved while I was painting. I still need to go back and touch them up.

But I still gave it to the boyfriend, and he loved it! He seemed a little confused by the quote, but once I explained it, he became a fan. And unlike my last painting, there wasn't any, "I like it because you made it" nonsense. That counts as a success for me!

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