Friday, February 10, 2012

Lengthening A Circle Skirt: Decision, Decisions!

Argh, so the attempt was to make the scalloped skirt. I screwed up the scallops (some were scallopy, and some... were more flat). I probably could've ripped out the seams and re-sewn, but who likes scallops, anyway? So I folded it over and I have a nice waist band (pictures to come!), but now I need to address the issue of length.

If you notice, it's a little short in the picture. Which I totally noticed when I first looked over the tutorial. But did I bother to say or alter anything when I cut out the pattern? Of course not. So I'm off to the fabric store tomorrow to see about maybe a lace insert or adding a block of color somewhere. Maybe gray? Pink? White? The color I choose will forever alter how I wear this skirt... My fabric:

Any suggestions?


  1. What did you choose in the end?
    I would have had a band of white bellow the blue to give a nautical feel to the skirt.

    1. I LOVE the idea of white, but I just stuck with the fabric I had and created a blue panel. So it's all one length, and while a little boring, looks quite nice.