Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sewing Skivvies Update: No Swimsuit Yet. Womp, womp.

Ahem, so today is officially the last day of the Show Off Your Skivvies Challenge... and I'm not done with my Ohhh Lulu swimsuit yet, eek!

But look, I'm working on it! And I'm matching stripes! And I don't get along with elastic so I had to re-do a lot of it. (But check out my awesome seams from Ashley's serger. Oh yeah.)

This weekend. This weekend for sure! Hopefully.

In other skivvy news, be sure to check out the guest post Mrs. Depew aka Anna from A Few Threads Loose on vintage underwear. She also gave us a coupon code for 15% off patterns in her store until the end of August!

And also, today's the last day to use Ohhh Lulu's coupon code for her etsy shop. The ginger pattern that I'm working isn't currently available as Sarah's updating it, but she has plenty of other great patterns!

If you're disappointed by the lack of skivvies on this blog today (I know, so am I), check out Ashley's blog. She made the Colette Nutmeg and the Rosy Lady shorts!

In non-skivvy news, I feel like I'm getting swamped with projects. Besides skivvies, I STILL need to finish curtains for the bedroom, make a copycat dress or two (luckily I know exactly what I want to make), make cute things for a friend who just adopted an adorable baby boy, and maybe make a summer dress since I haven't done that yet and summer's almost gone!

Definitely feeling overwhelmed, but the swimsuit comes first. Anyone else still making skivvies?
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  1. MEEE! Haha, you'll get it done soon, I'm sure!

  2. me too! should be done by the weekend. i'm glad i'm not the only one, haha :)