Show Off Your Skivvies!

Show Off Your Skivvies

But why show off your skivvies?
Kristin: Stop Telling Me What to Wear/How to Look
Ashley: Let's Step Out of Our Comfort Zone and Help Each Other Learn
Heather from Heather's Hobbies: Love What We Wear
Sarah from Ohhh Lulu: Looks Are Not What's Important in Life
Naomi from One Avian Daemon: Clothing is a Three Dimensional Art
Mary from Young, Broke, and Fabulous: I'm No Longer Limited by the Fashion Industry

Gaining Confidence and Power
Where to start?

Interview: Sarah from Ohhh Lulu (+ a coupon code for the rest of the month!)
Interview: Sarai from Colette
Tutorial on Drafting Underwear from Naomi at One Avian Daemon
Finding the Perfect Size Bra
Tips for Sewing a Swimsuit

Need Ideas?
Patterns: French Knickers (and other underthings)
Patterns: Swimsuits
Sew Free: A Round-Up of Free Skivvy Patterns
Mrs. Depew Talks Vintage Lingerie (+ a Coupon Code)

Actual Skivvies
Sew Classic: French Knickers and a Pajama Top
Gjeometry: Giraffe Bikini
Craft Sanctuary: Amerson Undies
Sew Classic: Jasmine Bra
Very Purple Person: Purple Bombshell
Young Broke and Fabulous: Ohhh Lulu's Ginger top and Megan Nielsen's Culottes
Craft Sanctuary: Rosy Ladyshorts
Kathhhhhy Sews: Green Bombshell
Craft Sanctuary: Colette Nutmeg
Signora Aurora: Teal Blue Bikini
Craft Sanctuary: Classic Bra
Kathhhhhy Sews: Flower Bombshell
Sew Classic: Ginger Swimsuit

Other Media
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The End
Thank you, everyone!

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