Friday, May 17, 2013

Week 3 of MMM

I just barely made my challenge this week, but I wore 2 outfits!

(I'm giving up on the second part of my challenge, which was to fix, tailor, or alter 2 items from my large pile of stuff that I could wear if I ever got around to fixing, tailoring, or altering them because my sewing machine is STILL in the shop. Sigh.)

So first up we've got this lovely self-drafted 1920s jersey dress I made last year... and haven't worn since the photo shoot. But since part of my challenge was to, you know, challenge myself and wear my few me made pieces with other, different clothing, I've been lazy and I've reached for other things I've made.

So I think it still counts since I wouldn't wear it otherwise!

Anyway, I didn't make the seams large enough so they roll. It doesn't look awful, but it's not something I like.

And luckily you can't tell because of the jacket! Woo!

And next I've got my blue skirt we've already seen. Did I mention that I hate it but wear it at least once a week anyway?

In trying to think outside of the box - since I normally wear either a black button down shirt or a black tank top with it, I decided to go with the opposite - white! And other than my black belts, I have red and silver sequins so I figured red might be best for the office.

It looks a touch patriotic, but oh well.

Weirdly, I really love this look, and I feel awesome in it, but the skirt balloons when the wind blows and I HATE it. So much.

I want to add weights to the bottom of this skirt so hopefully when I feel the wind pick up I don't have a jerk reaction to grab the ends of my skirt and hold on for dear life.

The boyfriend suggested I wear pants.


It's like he doesn't even know me at all.


  1. No pants! I love it with the red and white. At least you know what to wear on the 4th!

  2. Bah ha ha! Pants are for suckers! Love your outfits!