Monday, May 13, 2013

Week 2 of MMM and other thoughts.

You guys! I made my Me Made May challenge super easy, but I'm still slacking.

I have reasons!

1. I've been running late in the morning so when that happens I tend to just grab and go. Since my challenge was to restyle my few pieces, I'll just grab something else that I don't have to think about. In other news, I am finally working some of my other clothing items that usually stay stuffed in the closet into my regular rotation. So, I guess that's good news.

2. The weather is not cooperating. How can I wear a bright yellow sun dress when it's cold and rainy? Also, when can I stop wearing my winter coat?!

3. I have been working like a mad woman! I think I'm going to quit my full time job (and keep my part time job since it pays about as much as the full time job) and look for another part time job to supplement the other. (Ahem, anyone looking for a personal assistant in the NYC area for 2-3 days a week? Let me know!)

4. I finally gave up on fixing my sewing machine myself. I packed her up in a little tote and lugged her to the repairman. The sky was clear when we left, though thundering, and the bf and I stepped inside the shop just as the skies opened up. The place was dark and I swear for a minute I thought no one was in there, but then the owner popped out of the shadows. I showed him the problem and he carefully inspected my baby. He said he thinks I might have damaged the bobbin case, which is why the thread was catching on the bobbin raceway (or whatever the terms are!). He kept her and told me he'd call me when she was ready, maybe on Monday or Tuesday.

You guys, I've never gone to a sewing machine repair shop before! There were so many sewing machines lined up. He sells old refurbished ones, which were in the window and very cool to see, but I also thought it was cool to see everyone else's machine. They all had their own personal touches and I sort of felt like I was in a hospital looking in the nursery at everyone's babies. And I really wanted to wait around and meet the parents!

Sorry, I'm weird, I know.

Anyway, here's my only MMM outfit from last week. As mentioned, I was going to wear one over the weekend to get it up to 2 days/week, but then the weather changed. Boo. I'll try and wear 3 this week to make up for it.

You might remember this dress from the first Mad Men challenge. It was a refashion and I rushed and rushed to finish it by the deadline (and I was still a day late). Tellingly, my blog at the time was called "I Think I Just Screwed It Up" and this dress definitely has issues, but you can't see them thanks to my cardigan! Even the hem has some issues, but you can't tell unless I'm perfectly still and have the problem area facing you. And even then, because of the fashions nowadays, there's a chance you'd be all, "Hm, maybe it's supposed to look like that." (Also, if you're curious, don't bother clicking on the link as I tried hard to hide all my mistakes for some reason.)

Hopefully my machine will be out of the shop soon and I'll step up my MMM game!

(Also, I have a contest going that ends Wednesday - enter if you want!)

(ALSO I sort of feel like I should name my sewing machine - I didn't realize I felt this strongly about her (or that it was even a her) until I wrote this post. Thinking Belinda, Thelma, Zelda, Hazel, Pearl, or something like that...)


  1. I love all of those names!

    One of those is my aunt's name, so I can't help but think of it as an older person, and the other is what I'd like to name my daughter one day. I don't want to sway you by mentioning which names though! Mine is named Paisley, by the way. :)

  2. Me Made May is getting complicated here too because of the weather :-( I have a lot of summer/spring-dresses but winter? Not so much...
    And my machine has a name too: Aline, the sewing machine... Often referred to as my best friend.

  3. Nice dress - the fabric is gorgeous on you!