Thursday, May 23, 2013

She Lives!!!!

Hopefully this isn't premature, but the shop says my machine is ready to go so I'm picking her up tonight and I'm so excited!

I don't know about you, but I was starting to get worried.

Plus, the absolute worst is having so many projects to start (or finish) and for once having some free time but with no working machine. (Parks and Rec marathon for the fourth time, queuing up!)

Remember how I said I wanted to name my machine after having weird affectionate feelings for the hunk of plastic and metal when I dropped it off?

Well, I've decided on the name Minnie for my sewing machine. The rest of my ideas reminded me of someone or something and I kept being drawn to the name Minnie for some reason. Initially I rejected it because I was afraid people would associate the name with Minnie Mouse, but then I decided we're not children anymore. Then I was like, "OH GOD MINNIE DRIVER." This is NOT named after Minnie Driver, but rather it's named after Ms. Minnie Pearl.

Does anyone remember her? I hardly do and couldn't tell you what she was on (until I looked it up just now), but she was a comedienne who satirized the south. Being from the south, and my parents and grandmother from the rural south, I'm sure it was incredibly funny.

I remember watching her with my grandmother who got such a big kick out her. I only remember that I couldn't understand why she always had a price tag hanging off her hat and I'm pretty sure my grandmother had to explain it to me every time we watched.

Regardless, I think she's the perfect namesake for my machine. I don't really remember my grandmother sewing, but she definitely had strong maternal sentiments and I remember her knitting, crocheting, and drinking sweet tea while sitting on the front porch with her friends, probably complaining about the heat. (Really, it's all I aspire to do in life, as well.)

So I think Minnie would be a good name for my sewing machine. Southern, thrifty, a bit sassy, and of course, handcrafted originality.

I wish I could find a picture of my grandmother keeping us children when we were little as she was my sitter every day for the first four years of my life, but one of the problems with moving several thousands miles away is that you no longer have access to things like that. So enjoy this picture of us almost 10 years ago.

And hopefully Minnie and I can get back to work pronto!


  1. Love the name, and I'm so glad that Minnie is alive! I actually didn't know about Minnie Pearl until about 8 years ago, when I moved to Nashville and took a tour of the Grand Ole Opry. It's so perfect that it's a Southern sassy name, too. :)

  2. Aw, nice name and so beautiful that it reminds you of your grandmother. Grammas rule!!

  3. Yay, I'm so glad she is on her way back to you :) I totally know the feeling of having some free time and not being able to use it sewing! Can't wait to see what projects you have lined up.

    I haven't named my sewing machine but my dress form is called Madeline.

  4. I love Minnie for your machine. My mom always used to reference Minnie Pearl! I'll share that only one of my machines has a name, my coverstitch named Elsa, for Elsa Klensch, style maven. My dressform is named Ethel Anastasia Beaverhausen. Looking forward to more of your sewing projects!!