Monday, December 3, 2012

So I guess I'm knitting now...

I have had an interesting few weeks, though unfortunately no sewing has been going on.

First the good: I've found a sewing meet-up group, and everyone I've met so far is pretty amazing. I think I'm the most beginner, which is perfect because I can learn so much from everyone. I planned to write up blog entries on what we've done as a group, and perhaps I still will. I just need time!

I was lucky enough to travel home for Thanksgiving, and I got to spend a lot of time with my family (and stock up on 99 cent vintage patterns at Joann's!).

And the bad: The internet has been out at my apartment for two weeks. TWO WEEKS! When I called my provider, I was told the earliest they could send someone out to look at the problem was in four weeks. FOUR. WEEKS. Luckily, it kicked back on Saturday. Hopefully it stays that way, though I will admit finding ways to fill my time sans internet has been fun.

And to top it off, while I was working around the clock yesterday to finish some work that was due today (and would have been done much earlier if I had internet), I got a nasty cold that has turned into a terrible fever. Many of my symptoms have subsided today, thankfully, but the most comfortable position for me to be in is one that is reclined with my eyes closed. I'm not tired, it's just too much work to open them and blink.

Anyway, I'm fighting through all of this to let you guys know that I've developed a new skill: knitting!

I've always been opposed to knitting just because, well, so much of it is terribly ugly. (Though I suppose my idea of handmade sewing items was just as low before I got involved and learned how awesome it could be.)

But in being an awesome girlfriend and letting my boyfriend pick out movies to watch at night, I've discovered how bored I can become. I was playing games on my phone during the movies, but then my thumbs started to ache when I bent them and my eyes started to hurt from the glare. (I'm a mess, I tell you!)

Plus, keeping hands busy while watching news and stuff helps keep your trauma level down, and that's always good, right?. I used to needlepoint in high school, and I figured I'd enjoy developing something new so knitting it was. Plus, since I'm terribly lonely and have no friends in my neighborhood (ahem, now accepting positions to be my new Astoria friend), I thought joining a Stitch n' Bitch chapter might be nice.

Okay, okay. I'm sure that is all terribly boring and you've scrolled down to see what I've made.

The first thing I made was supposed to be a baby blanket, but since I don't have a baby, I made it for my cat! It's small because I only have 3 rolls of this one color, and all the rest of my yarn is very high quality, so I'm using a ball and a half on each blanket.

One is finished, and I messed up a little so you don't get to see any detail pictures until I finish the next one perfectly. The next one is going to be a little shorter in length, so hopefully it will be more square. Regardless, the cats don't care and have been napping on it. Success!

And because I can't just do one project at a time, I also did a mouse fill with catnip. Same cheap yarn. I used the tutorial from Coffee and Cream and I found it pretty easy! I didn't do any of the detailing, like the eyes and the tail, because I figured the cats would tear it apart and mostly I didn't care.

Not even 24 hours later, this bunny has been shown a lot of love, but the ears are still attached! Woo!
Well, the cats have not torn it apart, but they do love it. More than I ever imagined. So I'm going to try and make a mouse, sort of using the same pattern I linked to above, but modified slightly. I'm interested in coming up with my own pattern because a lot of people seem to do it, and I'd like that skill as well. We'll see how it goes!

...and don't worry, I'll resume sewing shortly.

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