Thursday, December 20, 2012

Finished: Catnip Mouse

If you recall, one of the first projects I finished when I first started knitting was a little bunny filled with catnip. It was very simple, and I didn't do any of the details because I was pretty sure it was going to come out all wrong.

My cats loved it, despite the fact that the bunny had no eyes or ears. I wanted to make a second toy since I have two cats, and I was planning on construting a mouse pattern myself.

But then I thought, why on earth should I torment myself on coming up with a pattern when I'm sure there are plenty of free and easy mouse patterns out there?!

I found this post in the Guardian for a basic mouse pattern. The mouse is supposed to have stripes (and eyes), but what beginner has time/yarn for that? 

I'm still working on finishing my second cat blanket so I started the yarn from the other end of the yarn ball and did this in a few hours!

I know what you're thinking. That poor, pitiful looking mouse. If he wasn't made out of yarn, I'd kill him just to put him out of his misery.

Well, it doesn't matter! The cats loved it!

This is the only shot I could get of them playing with the mouse. Franklin thought I was going to take the mouse away, so he carried the mouse around, constantly running from me, while trying to find a safe place to play.

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