Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Finished: His and Hers Coffee Cozies

Notice: These knitting patterns are based on the cozies I previously completed from Twisted Fibers Designs, whose website and ravelry page have been down for over a year. These are my versions of the patterns based on what I remember.

These are both really quick and easy basic cozies, and I really love them. They're really perfect for gifts or if you like sitting in front of a window/fire during the winter.

I first knitted these as a beginner and I found them terribly hard and confusing so don't be put off if you're also new and can't get the hang of it - it's the perfect project to learn how to cable, knit, purl, and switch back and forth between them all.

The "his" is the basketweave cozy and the pattern is easily adapted if your mug is larger than mine.

The "hers" is a cabled XO pattern with a cute border around the edge.

Both can be adapted fairly easily and certainly one is no more masculine or feminine than the other. You know, just in case you weren't sure. :-)

If you're looking for the knitting pattern, the page has been moved. Please go here for the PDF.


  1. The original website is down permanently. How can I get this pattern?

  2. it appears neither patterns are available on her ravelrys's webpage :[.. Is it possible you would share the patterns?

    1. Oh no! I might have the patterns at home, and if not, I think I can recreate them or at least something similar. Check back in a day or two, please!

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  3. ahhh you're the best!! thank you so much for sharing these with us!! <3