Monday, February 25, 2013

We Can't All Be Perfect

As much as it pains me to say this, not everything I make is perfect. Or, perhaps more appropriately, not everything I make can be salvaged.

First Up:
My sewing has been stalled for the last few months because I wasn't sure how to save a dress, and I couldn't  just MOVE ON when there was a crisis at hand. I thought I had a way to fix it, but because I rushed too much when I was originally making it (I was on a deadline!), I kept finding things that needed to be fixed. Finally, when my mother came to visit, I threw it on my dress form and decided to wait before finally perfecting my dress that I've been waiting months to wear.

Alas, while it was hanging on the dress form, I noticed more and more mistakes. Except this time I know I can't fix them because I can't take it apart. It's jersey, and for some reason, I sewed it originally with a reinforced stitch. So not only would it take hours to take apart, but even if I managed it, it would leave gaping holes in the fabric. I could take it in everywhere, but then it would be a bit too tight. It's jersey, so it would stretch, but I think even jersey has its limits.
Laziness in lining up the waist.
Stretching of the waistband. Darts don't line up.

I don't even want to talk about these sleeves...
I'm now trying to decide what, if any of it, I can salvage. Surely I can do something with the fabric left in the skirt. And maybe I could do something with the top? I hate discarding it as I'm in love with the fabric, and I'm also hesitant to discard it because it would be my first true garment failure...

I've been working on this sweater for almost two months. It's coming along quite nicely except I decided I don't like it. It's meant to be an oversized sweater, but it doesn't even meet the top of my pants! Technically, if I pull it down, it goes to the length I'd prefer (about 5 inches lower), but when I let go it shrinks back up.

Furthermore, I hate the holes in it, which you can't really see from the pictures, but because I knit it with giant needles, it has holes in it. It's meant to be that way. It's a style. But I didn't care for them going in, and I don't know if I can get over them.

And lastly, it's rather bulky. If it was oversized, it would have been fine. But it's very fitted and cropped and so it just looks like I'm wearing a bulletproof vest.

I haven't blocked it yet, and since I'm new to knitting, I don't even know exactly what blocking does. Can this be fixed by blocking? Can it be saved at all?

I'm thinking I'll have to unravel it and start with something else. Maybe a cape.


  1. seems like jersey would be really hard to sew as a fitted garment, learn from this one and move on I say! when my first maternity dress unraveled at the seams I was really depressed and it only stopped when I moved onto my next dress, concentrating on not making the same mistakes. At least jersey is inexpensive! think of it as a muslin...

    1. I'm going to try again! I think a fitted jersey can be done! I'm just going to give it some time before the next one... But good points all around - I completely forgot your dress unraveled. That must have been much, much worse to deal with!

  2. The dress is so pretty from far away, too! Maybe you can chop it up and turn it into something else? If it's any consolation, your cables look awesome!

    1. I know, if only I could just keep everyone at a distance when I wear it! I really love the fabric and it would be a shame if I had to totally throw it away... And thank you for the comment on my cables. :-) I love cables and cabling but I'm worried about how the rest of my knitting will turn out after I was so careful with this one.

  3. Maybe with something with a higher waist the jumper would look better? I agree it's rather bulky, but you are adding sleeves correct?

    1. Ooh, good point. I really only thought about wearing it with jeans, but I should try it with high waisted alternatives. And yes, I was going to add sleeves, but after they came out incredibly large compared to me (and also somehow compared to the rest of the sweater), I decided I had issues with the entire item. Perhaps I should try again and have the sleeves more fitted and forget this was ever supposed to be oversized.

  4. Oh no! I feel the same way about some of my projects. Definitely fails to me, but other people don't seem to notice or are too polite to mention it!

    You could always take in the dress, and then add a contrast fabric, which would be a lot of work and change the dress style. But you could maybe salvage it to look like these:

    I tried knitting a cable sweater once, and immediately gave up on it halfway into my front piece. It eventually became a knitted bag! :)

    1. Ooh, yes, I love the dresses at those links. Maybe there's still hope for this dress. I'll just have to go shopping for some nice complementary jersey now...