Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sew Grateful: Reflection

Without the sewing and blogging community, I don't think I'd be sewing like I am today so I owe everything to you guys.
Yes, I was interested in sewing on my own. And yes, I took a sewing class to refresh the one semester costume class I took in college, but can a few hours really teach me everything I need to know to make a garment? Not really. In a city where I couldn't turn to anyone to ask questions (unless I wanted to pay them), I would have been lost and I probably would have given up.

Every pattern I've gotten has been because someone linked to an amazing deal or a free pattern. Every instruction or tip I've gotten has because there's such a large online presence that no matter what question I may have (and I always have questions), someone has asked it before and someone has always given a very detailed response.

Furthermore, I just love posting inspiration pictures or fabric I randomly decided to buy and get your feedback and ideas on what it should become.

Additionally, I'm incredibly grateful that I'm able to meet up with sewing bloggers. Whether it's with Rachel from Layer, Stitch, Repeat to create a skirt together or with Marina from Frabjous Fashion Couture and others from the NYC sewing meet-up group to admire lace at the Met (with a personalized tour no less) or costumes from Katherine Hepburn's films, these are experiences I wouldn't have without the internet and the sewing community online.

I can't wait to see what (and who!) this year brings me.

Also, if you're ever in NYC and want to do something sewing related, I'm usually up for it. If you're in Astoria and want to be my new sewing or knitting buddy, I'm definitely game.

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