Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finished: Anime Costume

My sister's costume is finished! The only thing left is that she might dye her hair blonde, but that's not really crafty, is it? (Unless she does it at home, which I'm 99% sure she won't.

Just to remind you, this is the character she's copying.

This is where she was when I left. Click here to see how we made it.
This is the backpack she decided to make after I showed her how simple sewing can be!


And here's the finished outfit! How cute is she?! She made everything except the socks and the hat, though she did dye the blue stripes on the socks herself, and she had to alter the hat because when it arrived, the sizing was all wonky. I'm so proud!

(Also, ignore the mess in the background. My mom is redoing her closet!)

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