Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's Not You, It's Me: Breaking Up With Almost a Cardigan

I've been working on this cardigan and while it's very pretty and I generally love the work that I'm doing with it... I don't really think I want to continue.

I've completed the back and half of the front and, well, look at the amazing lattice work!

And look at the pretty wishbones! The other pattern at the top of the photo is called "ear of corn" but it looks more like "thick braid" to me. Either way, it's very pretty.

But guys, I don't think I want a cardigan. I certainly don't want to knit more flat pieces then seam everything together at the end. And I already have a purple cardigan. Plus in order to continue, I must sit down and concentrate and maybe even do some math as the instructions simply say to "work to correspond... reversing all shaping and placement."

Sure, it's probably not that hard, but do I want to do it?

The answer is no, I don't. I suppose a more reasonable person would set the project aside and complete it at a later date, but let's be honest. If I do that, it will never get done.

Also, perhaps this is silly, but I don't feel excited about this cardigan like I was about my owl sweater. The passion isn't there and I'm tired of counting each pattern within the pattern while shuffling back and forth between 4 pages. It bores me. We've been on a break for the last week, and I think it's time to officially end it.

Though really, I'm wondering slightly seriously if my yarn isn't cursed because I've attempted 2 sweaters, a hoodie, and now a cardigan with this yarn before frogging all of them. Maybe I just haven't found the right pattern for it? Does the yarn ever speak to you?

Anyway, I'm hesitating to frog this project because it IS very pretty and intricate (at least for me) and I'm proud of it.

Perhaps I can turn it into something else. Any ideas? Because right now the top idea I've got (aka the only idea I've got) is a cat sling.


  1. What about a pillow? I'm guilty of having my own pieces of almost sweaters languishing in my yarn trunk. I keep meaning to do pillows or frog for the yarn but then I just knit other things instead. It is some beautiful stitching....maybe you'll fall back in love.

  2. I turned the only cable knit item I started to knit into a purse, but I love the pillow idea so much more!

  3. Beautifully knit - you should be proud! But I totally understand ditching a project because of lack of excitement. I would say if you don't have a great idea about turning it into something else by the New Year, then frog away!

  4. This is soooo pretty! Either way, at least you got an awesome amount of cabling practice in!

  5. I think it will make a pair of lovely cushions!
    Perhaps you are ready to learn how to knit with a round needle and include a steek that you cut at the end of knitting to create the opening.
    Sorry to hear you've lost your knitting 'mojo'. Try some small projects that will finish up quickly, or variegated yarn that changes colour and keeps it interesting!

  6. Good job! Even if you decide to frog it, like Craft Sanctuary said, you at least got a lot of practice cabling. :)