Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sewing in 2015!

Can you believe we're 15 days into the new year??

I have so much going on that I feel incredibly stressed and crazy, but at the same time, my schedule is freer than it's ever been and I'm loving how I'm able to schedule my time.

Also, I bought an espresso machine for the boyfriend for the holidays, and it's the best decision I've made in a long time!

Theodore helping me "organize" my stash.

But okay, let's talk sewing news and sewing plans for the year.

I thought a bit about sewing resolutions for this year, and I have to say I'm turning up empty handed because I really like all the resolutions I made last year. Even though I didn't stick to all of them... But I think they're all excellent goals that I'm going to continue to strive for this year.

So anyway, let's look at what I am doing for sure:

1. Stashbusting Sewalong. I know my stash isn't as large as most of you guys, but I have one and I hate it. I bought that fabric with an intention to use it, and instead it's just taking up space. Plus, I like shopping for new fabric, and I feel like I can't when I already have fabric in multiple boxes. So I'm sewing from the stash this year. And in fact, I'm hosting April, which is themed: vibrant color. I stick to dark colors and neutrals so my brights are stashed and I need to make them up. Just to note though, the monthly themes are optional.

I've also been thinking about selling some of my stash. I have some pieces of fabric that are beautiful, but not really my style, and I have no idea why I bought them. Do people prefer buying fabric more on etsy or ebay?

2015 Goodbye Valentino RTW Fast

2. RTW Fast. I did this officially last year as well. Unofficially I haven't been shopping in a few years. I really miss shopping, but I don't miss the ill-fitting clothes and spending lots of money so I'm joining again. My main goal for this year is to focus on a more cohesive wardrobe, and to sew more pieces that I'm going to wear every day rather than special dresses. So maybe I'll finally get around to making a desperately needed tank top...

I'm currently trying to get out of a sewing rut. I absolutely adore this fabric scrap that I have, but I can't figure out what to make with it. I wanted to make a miniskirt, but the scrap is so tiny that it will be VERY mini. Maybe I could do some color blocking or something, but I'm just feeling uncreative at the moment. We shall see.


  1. that little scrap is great! i think it would look perfect as a mod mini skirt. you could always use coordinating fabric as a hem band or waistband, or vice versa.

    1. I agree, it would be so perfect as a mod mini, but I'm just thinking I'll never actually wear it if I do that. :-( I love the idea of using it as either a waist or hem band; I just need to find contrasting fabric!

  2. I like allie's ideas. Or you could even make a hat or scarf with it.

  3. If you are short on fabric would a contrasting waistband or facings stretch the fabric further?

    I know what you mean about stash anxiety, I'm pretty good as using up what I buy recently, however I come unstuck when it comes to deep stash!

    1. I think I could get away with using it as a skirt if I had extra fabric for the waist and hem, for sure!

      Yes, I agree with you about the stash! I also tend to buy excess fabric just in case and then I build up my stash with bits of fabric that are too big to throw away and too small to do anything with, sigh.

  4. I have the same approach to my stash this year: use it (or know I will definitely use it at some point), or get rid. I too hate my stash, and even resent it. I will still buy fabric if I don't have anything appropriate though.

    1. Yes, I don't mind buying some fabric if I need it for a current project! I think I'm going to go through my stash this week and start listing what I know I'll never use on myself, just so I feel like I have control of it. There's no point in keeping ugly (to me) fabric on the chance that it'll be perfect for a close friend and maybe I'll make something for them...