Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sew Your Own French Knickers (and other underthings!)

Is anyone else planning to make some French Knickers? I highly recommend them! They're very cute and simple to sew up. They look adorable. And they're perfect to wear under dresses and skirts - even if the wind blows!

I did a quick search and below are some patterns I found, some free, some not. Let me know if you have any favorites that I left out!

Check out Vera Venus for free pattern  of the knickers I made in US sizes 6 and 10.

Circular knickers.
Vera Venus also has circular knickers, if you'd prefer that.

French knickers 2
Mrs. Depew Vintage - Ma Cherie French Knickers.
Mrs. Depew Vintage has a great looking pattern for French knickers.

Day and Evening Knickers 1933 French Knickers to your own Measurements Sewing Pattern PDF INSTANT Download

If you're looking for a pattern from 1933, look no further!


Burdastyle is even getting on board with an adorable bra and knicker set!

And of course there's the Colette Nutmeg!

If you're more into traditional undies, there's an easy tutorial over at One Avian Daemon that I want to try out that shows you how to turn your leftover fabric scraps into undies, another one from Come and See the Seitz, and an undie pattern from So, Zoe..." - Do you have a favorite you've used?

Also, have you seen Ashley's Anderson undies make? So cute!!

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