Thursday, November 5, 2015

Edwardian Skirt Muslin

Guess who got out their sewing machine finally and made something?!

So this is a muslin so it's not super exciting, but I drafted this whole thing by hand (and with some large text blocks as a guide!) before sewing it up, and I have to say this is probably the best sewn object I've ever made.

Was it the material? The fact that I'm older and wiser? The fact that it was a muslin so all pressure was off?

I don't know.

But let's discuss, shall we?

Some background: I really wanted to go as an Edwardian/Victorian lady last year for Halloween. That clearly didn't happen. But I bought a huge excess of material to do a skirt and jacket so I could practice before making a proper piece with super expensive fabric.

(I'm still not done with the jacket. Stupid sleeves.)

This year I decided that I would resume my sewing and wear it this year. And I would have worn it out had my sister not got called into work, thus canceling our plans. Maybe next year and I'll have the jacket all finished in time?

Anyway, I didn't cut the front piece on the bias, which I must do next time. It just flows so much better.

I measured myself and cut out the waist perfectly, but somehow when it's all pieced together, it ended up too large. That seems to be a habit with me, and I'm not sure why. (Initially, I measure it out perfectly, plus seam allowance. Then I cut it out and I panic because it seems too small. I decided to go ahead and sew it together anyway, and then it's way too large!) Does anyone else have that problem?

I also put in pockets, which added to the bulk in the front. As it's supposed to flare out and emphasize the hips, I wasn't too worried about it, but maybe I'll leave those out for the next time?

All of the pleats are in the back, to emphasize the rear. I have a pretty hefty rear in general, but it was not large enough! I have a bit of padding under there, and I'm more than obsessed with the size.

I want to make another one, but I want to make it in more of a lighter, silk fabric and maybe without the butt pad. I'm not sure how it would look, but maybe I'll go for it anyway.

I really love the look of this, but the fabric makes it seem so old fashioned that I feel like I can't even attempt to wear it out in public without being out of place. But maybe the next go around, with more modern fabric, it will look a bit airier?

Has anyone tried this before?

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