Monday, September 14, 2015

Finished: Rockaway Cardigan!

So I'm officially all moved out of NYC. I still have a few things back there, and I plan on visiting, of course, but it's really great to be out of the city. It's not so great to everything on boxes, but hopefully unpacking won't take me too long.

Earlier this year, I came up with the Rockaway Cardigan, and it's one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe!  It's cotton, so I wear it all the time in the summer and even more now that the temperature is starting to dip. I really love it.

I took these pictures on Coney Island, right before I left and I think they turned out so beautifully. Remember when I used to only model things on the roof? Haha, I really like branching out and finding (unpopulated) locations.

Here's the ravelry page if you want to heart it or queue it up. And if you buy it before the end of tomorrow, you can get 30% off with the coupon code 30FOR30.

OH, so I'm offering the 30% off coupon because I turned 30 a few weeks ago. I've just been so busy that I didn't really have time to celebrate and I kind of forgot about it until just now haha. So the code works for everything in my shop.

Anyway, if you're not into knitting, you can buy it finished in my etsy shop. The 30FOR30 works there as well!


  1. Congratulations on your escape from New York! I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. Good luck with your new adventure!

    Also, it's a beautiful sweater.

    1. Thanks, lady!! I had so much time up until the last 2 weeks and then I was super busy so I didn't get a chance to really do anything before making my escape. :( I'll be back in another month or so probably!

  2. I didn't know you moved? Whereabouts did you move to? I, as well, want to escape the big city I live in, but just don't really know where to go! :)

    1. Well, I kept the actual move pretty quiet - I think I felt like I would jinx it because I've been waiting for so long to move out. I'm cheating a bit - I also am not sure where to go so I'm going to stay with my mom for the next 2 months to decompress and figure it out.