Friday, August 23, 2013

Jazz Age Lawn Party

Last weekend was the Jazz Age Lawn Party in New York City. It happens twice each summer, and last year I made a 20s inspired dress... that I didn't finish in time. This year I knew my Great Gatsby dress would work perfectly for the occasion, and even better: it was already made!

Naomi and I got to Governor's Island early and walked around. (She also took all the lovely photographs of me.) The island used to be army barracks but now no one lives there. There's tons of green, trees, everything is within walking distance, there's close access to a large city - in short, it's pretty perfect for me and I'm trying to talk to someone about letting my family move in. Let me know if you have any connections.

Me standing in front of my potential new home. It's a perfect fit!
Naomi and I got back in line to get in to the fenced off area, look at some cute vintage booths, grab some food, and listen to the bands play.

(Yes, she made her dress and hat as well! Read about it here.)

Oh, and did I mention the chickens? There were chickens, I believe they were promoting composting, and I HAD to get my picture with them since the print on my dress is made up of chickens. Originally they were going to let me hold a chicken, but then they decided everyone might want to hold the chickens, so I knelt next to them. 

I'm honestly quite relieved because they were MUCH bigger than I thought they would be, and also I was terrified they would scratch me. However, they seemed very soft and friendly.

These old cars still work! It was a lot of fun to see them drive off the ferry when we arrived.

Ashley came as well! She reminded me that I made a hat to go with the dress. I completely forgot it in the excitement of getting ready and making it to the ferry on time. (I ran most of the way and just made it, thankfully!)

 And what would a 1920s throwback be without knitting?

On the off chance you're interested in seeing people other than me, here are some of my favorite costumes and people. Unfortunately, I really could not capture the mood. It was such a lovely time. Almost everyone dressed in costume, and there was a lot of dancing, eating, drinking, and just a general good time. While the event has become so incredibly crowded and they're starting to sell out on certain days, everyone is still mostly good natured and it's so nice to see everyone dressed up in nice clothing. (All of the costumed kids were my favorite part.)

If you're interested, you can check out my album here.

Have any of you ever gone to vintage events? More importantly, are there any others in the NYC area??


  1. How fun! I love your dress!

  2. Your dress was just perfect for the day!

  3. Kristin these are terrific photos! It must have been a smashing day! And I love your dress - especially your bold choice of chicken fabric - I LOVE chickens!

  4. That was such a fun event! Thanks for going with me. And I still love the chicken print on your dress!

  5. Oh, what a great time it looks like this festival was!! I want to go next year, I may pop by for a visit! I just love this dress, so you looked just perfect for the event. And, you can always finish your 1920s dress and wear it later. I just love the fashions of the 1920s so don't think you have to have a special occasion to wear them!

  6. aaaand Ashley was hour late and not in costume. Typical :)

  7. How did you make the hat? It's really cute!

    1. Thanks! I used Simplicity 1736 for the hat. It came out a bit small and lumpy, but I think that's because of the material. And luckily it's not very noticeable!