Saturday, April 28, 2012

Finished: Oversized Bow that I have No Idea What to do With

Maybe not noticeable to anyone else, but I hate it.
So after I made my purse, I was a little distraught over the small white line where the thread was somehow exposed. I looked, but couldn't figure out how I managed to get one side right and the other wrong. So even though it's not really noticeable to anyone but me, I thought I would makes something to try and hide it. And what would be better than a bow, am I right?

In my head, I envisioned this cute little delicate bow that I could pin to my purse when I needed it and take off when I didn't. Instead, I got a massive oversized bow that's almost the same size as the purse.

It doesn't look bad pinned on the side, though you lose the pleating details.

The original post had it as a headband bow thing, but I'm not sure I can pull it off.

It certainly doesn't go across the back of the dress like I imagined.

Maybe I could add it as a detail to an outfit? ...Some outfit that maybe I haven't created yet?

Maybe a belt?
Maybe I could add to the back of something?
The boyfriend likes it best on my head. What are your thoughts? I think I like it on my backside the best. Now... I just have to figure out with what!


  1. I used to have a church dress that had a big full skirt that was gathered in the back and fluffed out from under a big bow at the small of my back just like that, and it was I think probably my favorite dress I've ever owned. So, uh, I say option 3?

    1. Yes! That's what I was envisioning as well!

  2. I made a big bow too
    was meant to go in my hair...but I will probably end up adding it to a garment in the end.