Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ulyana Sergeenko: Need an Extension?

In my haste to tell you guys the news about my knitting lessons, I completely forgot to mention the Ulyana Sergeenko challenge!

Originally I listed the end date as tomorrow, but because I'm terrible at calendars, I didn't realize all the religious holidays this week - I also couldn't foresee that this would be the first lovely weekend of the year!

So I wanted to check and see if I should move the end date. Would another week work for you guys? I'm happy to give extra time if need be! Does the 28th work better?

If you're curious about the challenge, I have more details here, inspiration photos, and a few pattern ideas here.

Let me know! If you are finished, email me at with pictures and details and/or a link to your blog post. Thanks and enjoy the lovely weekend!


  1. Kristin, I need some days to finish my dress. It would be great to have more time for sewing! Thank you!

    1. Great! Email when you get done - I can't wait to see! :-)